Free Energy Project

Free Energy Project

The meaning of free energy

What we mean by free energy? The energy that sustains the universe.

Implicitly, we separate free energy from the secondary sources like fossils (coal, oil, natural gas, etc.) and also from the alternative energies (solar, wind, water, etc.).

Free energy project of the In Harmony Foundation


In Harmony Foundation is a not-for-profit organization so it is unacceptable for anyone who participates in the program to gain personal profit.

We are going to build the free energy device with collective cooperation and support.

Description of our project

Project goal:

Production of a free energy device that is capable of supplying a family or a small factory.

Technical solution of the device:

The scope of the project is to research and examine the 5-6 possible solutions and to find the right one.

Expected parameters of the device:

  1. The harmonize its surrounding field.

  2. To produce enough electricity and heat for a household or a small factory.

  3. The technical solution must based on available technology.

  4. A long-term, reliable operation is needed

  5. Invested amount is to pay for itself in a maximum of 1-2 years.

Details of the project

The project consists of several subprojects which are closely related to each other, one solution helps the other. 

1. Water exctracting subproject 

Water exctracting subproject has two main deal: 
  • on the one hand to reduce the consumption of vehicles min. 50% complete
  • On the other hand a power generator or co-generational unit generator operating mainly of water, and of the resulting improved Oxyhydrogen. 
The two directions is different in the engine type and the auxiliary control unit only, but in the key part of the operation, there is no significant difference in units. 

2. Energy feed-out by high-frequency vibrations

This is a very old Tesla's system, which for example Kapanadze also engaged. The principle of operation is still not known. 

It is assumed that the device generates a specific field where the energy conversion can occur.

Tesla with his electro-mechanical devices and resonators could bring up the effect, it comes from him in fact. 

Construction of the equipment is relatively simple, and based on preliminary tests, if appropriate rate is controlled, it harmonizes its environment.

The unit's operation and setting parameters is much more complicated. Much more complicated than the first project, because water resonances are relatively easier to find with the available measuring instruments. 

This system can be run at harmonic frequencies harmonising the environment as well. 


The structure-forming effect of the vibrations has been known since ancient times. The first major electronic adaptation, i.e. the foundations of the healing vibrations laid by Royal Rife, and later by Hulda Clark

3. Energy conversion in plasmapipe

This third sub-project built on the experience of the previous two. 
The maximum energy density can be achieved in solids, however, the solids immediately even change the structure of the crystal structure, they damage and melt when input energy exceed a certain energy level.
Therefore, the most appropriate long-term working fluid for energiaconversion is plasma.The plasma tube intended to create the same effect as the second project; this is the energiaconversion. This is even more complicated here because we need to keep the temperature, gas pressure and the ratio relative to one another. And in addition, the shape resonances.
In return, the unit operates silently without any moving parts, and works for a long time. The plasma material can be replaced and because of the energy density is high , the device can remain relatively small with high output power. 
Summary and More
In case of a successful solution, we'll have significant experience and knowledge. This makes possible to base widely used solutions.

Execution of the project:

  • In Harmony Foundation collects donations (financial support).

  • The foundation commissions and employs the research specialist or even more professionals when necessary.

  • In Harmony Foundation takes responsibility to continuously and accurately inform the donors about the progression of the project.

Possible outcome of the project

We cannot guarantee 100% effectiveness, so we don’t do that.

However, we do guarantee that we are going to work committedly and persistently to achieve our goal.

What is expected upon successful delivery of the prototype? It will be discussed in the following point.

In case of success


Devices will be manufactured by the In Harmony Foundation.


The free energy device will only be accessed through distributors.

Surplus income

Although the foundation is a nonprofit organization, we have to calculate with a surplus. This surplus will be used as a support given by the foundation to all those who cannot purchase the free energy device.

International distribution

We are looking for potential partners abroad who can adopt our business model and are keen to manufacture and distribute our device in their country.

Key points of our model: foundation model and not-for-profit economic function.Contact us


Our motto: Let’s act for each other and for this planet!